As equine and equestrian professionals and competition riders there is a growing need to improve the horse saddle rider combination as a whole. We offer a range of accredited vocational courses covering saddle fitting, rider performance enhancement and equine manual techniques in combination. Short course Top Up awards certify competence in these areas. Longer course progression awards offer professional registration in performance preparation techniques and saddle & bridle fitting. We also offer some modules as home learning.


From £29 per module these form the full online lecture programme extracted from the full ‘in person’ study programme.*

Completion certificates for each module are issued on request. Click HERE for details.

*Home learning without attendance of practical sessions and competence assessments falls outside of the Lantra accreditation programme. Choose Top Up or Professional Progression courses to take part in accredited training programmes.

These 2 to 5 day short courses from £295 certify competence and are a popular choice for those equine professionals aiming to build their skills towards addressing the horse, saddle and rider as a combination.

Rider Evaluation & Stabilisation Methods

Equine Back & Postural Strengthening Methods for Saddle Fitting

Performance Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking

Flocking, Adjustment & Shims/Pads

Minor Saddle & Bridle Repair

This Lantra accredited 6 month part time course consists of a series of online modules and five practical session in blocks of 2 to 3 days.  Modules are manual techniques, ground schooling training, rider stabilisation methods in walk, trot and canter together with comprehensive saddle fit checking techniques.  Graduates are eligible for professional registration as an IRVAP Manual Techniques practitioner.
Successful completion of this course leads to eligibility for enrolment in the Performance Saddle Fitting Programme.
Cost is £995
Applicants must first complete the 6 month Evaluation of the Horse Saddle Rider Combination course.
This Lantra accredited part time course teaches competence in how to improve and select a saddle for the performance horse and rider combination and is open to experienced saddle fitters.  It offers professional registration (pending) on successful completion.  Applicants are eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) credit of up to 50% of the attendance requirement but must pass the foundation Evaluation of the Horse Saddle Rider Combination award.
Number of study hours and practical days will vary according to the needs of individual existing professional saddle fitters.  Consultation with the Horse Saddle Rider Lab team will guide applicants towards formulating an individualised programme from what is on offer to fulfil the criteria for passing the full course.  Applicants will reflect on their existing skills and refer to the BETA Occupational Standards draft (2018) to round off or complete their professional expertise.
This programme offers learners up to 20 practical days of monthly training sessions in blocks of 2 to 4 days.  Time taken to complete this course will vary depending on the individual practitioner but takes up to 12 months to complete all modules.  Add a further 6 months for completion of the pre-requisite Evaluation of the Horse Saddle Rider Combination course.
Cost from c£1,100-£2300 depending on number of modules taken.
Graduates of the Preparation of the Horse Saddle Rider Combination award may enrol in this course and receive RPL credit for modules already completed.

This Lantra accredited part time short course combines home learning modules with 6 associated monthly online and practical training sessions in blocks of 2 days.  It offers certification of competence in how to recognise equine compensatory gait, evaluation of rider posture and comprehensive check of saddle fit.  It takes 6 months to complete the c136 hour programme and costs £850.