Horse saddle rider educational videos.

Caroline Lindsay Veterinary Physiotherapy. How to train a horse to work on the bit with poles.

Equine Trot Up and Palpation for Horse Owners.
Caroline Lindsay

MSFConnection Equine Spinal Biomechanics for Saddle Fitting.

Mary Wanless and the influence of the rider on the horse's back muscles

Removing A Horse's
Sheath Bean

Caroline Lindsay Veterinary Physiotherapy Equine Exercise Programming Student Session 3

The Saddle as a Prescription - An Equine Physio's Perspective. Caroline Lindsay

Teaching Daniel Kamen Equine Techniques - CPD course -

Remedial Equine Exercise Programming Clinic Part 1 with Caroline Lindsay

Remedial Equine Exercise Programming video Part 2 Lunging with Caroline Lindsay

Equine Remedial Exercise Programming
Session 6

Equine Exercise Programming - The benefits of Working a Horse In Hand.

Caroline Lindsay Equine Trot Up & Prehabilitation Techniques
Session 6